It’s July. Football month. OPP is here for it.

That June-lull? All behind us now.

One Panther Place will soon begin to roll out a variety of new features and segments, aimed at stimulating your need for Panthers content.

A weekly podcast will commence in mid-July. The focus: past/present/future. A look back at a number of areas, an appraisal of current affairs, and our best forecast of what’s to come. Guests, laughs, analysis, fun.

We will be live in Spartanburg for Camp Wofford, providing a plethora of multimedia options: photos, video, interviews, live updates—all done with an emphasis on quality, pinpoint accuracy and fan digestibility.

Over the next couple weeks, we will feed you a number of retrospective pieces that aim to provide context on some of the more impactful plays/players/games over the Panthers’ 25-year history. My brother, Ross, who co-founded this project, will appear on the platform as an analyst. Ross brings a wealth of film study and strategic expertise to the table—you’ll appreciate his work.

Film study and analysis will be a key component of our work. However, the idea here is to make it as digestible as possible. You don’t need a ton of words to explain most of what you see on film. Efficiency is the name of the game.

John Ellis (R) with brother Ross Ellis. These are your humble OPP corespondents.

My story?

My name is John. I’m a dad, husband and football writer. I spent nearly a decade with The Greenville News as a contributing reporter—preps and college football—and another two years at the Spartanburg Herald-Journal on the entertainment beat. Football is a passion. Storytelling is a passion.

Ross and I have accumulated a rather detailed mental and journaled catalogue of Panthers’ moments, down to the most obscure plays over the past quarter century. We do believe this will help bring you back to some of those days perhaps forgotten, while also assisting in forecasting future developments.

This is why One Panther Place is here for you.

No fees. No ads—at least not at this time. We don’t need this to be a financial instrument. We take pride in proper reporting and football analysis. It’s a labor of love from which we hope to give fellow fans from the Carolinas another fine option for Panthers content.

Know this: We take our work seriously. We do not take ourselves seriously.

Know this: The historical angle of this franchise will be front and center, almost daily. Each season brings these eternal memories etched into that side of our brains. Proehl’s winning snag against Jacksonville. Sam’s playoff pick of Aikman. Cam to Hixon in the monsoon. Foster’s effort in Philly. Jake’s furious November drive to dethrone the Bucs.

Fans tend to be prisoners of the moment in this Twitter age. We hope to shine a light on the past, maybe even reminding you why you love to love (and sometimes loathe) this team. History matters.

We’re not the biggest player in town. We will, however, strive to be the absolute best.

You can follow me on Twitter for daily insights: I look forward to engaging with you all as we progress through the season.

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