Making His Mark: Wesley Walls

Did you know: Wesley Walls caught a pass in a Super Bowl?

As a backup to perennial all-pro Brent Jones in San Francisco, Walls saw limited action in five seasons, but managed a nine-yard grab in the 49ers 55-10 rout of Denver in Super Bowl XXIV.

After a two-year stint with NFC West rival New Orleans, Walls was given a chance to become the focal point of an offense with the upstart Panthers in 1996. Needless to say, Walls made the most of his opportunity in migrating east to Carolina.

A remarkable 14-year career closed in 2003–a stint with the legendary Brett Favre in Green Bay. Walls’ final touchdown catch was Favre’s first touchdown pass following the death of his father in one of the NFL’s most emotionally-charged performances.

Walls will be celebrated later this year as a Hall of Honor member in Carolina. Rightfully so—it was a most honorable playing career.

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