Film Room: How Atlanta bullied New Orleans

For Carolina, winning in New Orleans is not an impossibility. The Atlanta Falcons proved that a couple weeks ago against the Saints. Here’s a closer look in today’s Film Room.

Sometimes, you just have to win in the trenches.

The 2019 Carolina Panthers have done that in spurts. Unfortunately, there have been far too many inconsistencies along the way, leading to some disappointing performances in an otherwise competitive season.

Back in Week 10, the Falcons were significant underdogs on the road against the seemingly impervious Saints. Atlanta came in with a mean streak, established the run early, and bullied their way to a first half lead.

What ensued was a stunning 26-9 win.

We wanted to take a closer look at the offensive component of Atlanta’s success that day. Believe it or not, many of these concepts are not foreign to what Carolina does well.

The key: moving the chains with good balance, avoiding mental errors and getting the OL active and on a mean streak. Running the football is a lineman’s best friend. Here’s how the Falcons deployed a beautifully balanced attack against New Orleans.



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