One Panther Podcast: Episode 1

Our First Rodeo.

John Fox would always tell the media, when asked about an experienced opponent: “Hey, this isn’t his first rodeo.”

Well, this is ours. Hi, I’m John. I’m your host for One Panther Podcast.

Each Monday evening, we will post roughly 60 minutes of Carolina Panthers related content. Nobody wants to hear me ramble for an hour alone, so we will always invite an interesting guest with some form of ties to the team.

This week is a good one. Former Panthers and Eagles tight end Luther Broughton (1997-2001) joins us and shares the remarkable details of how he worked his way into the league as solid, reliable pass catching threat. Luther also shares some eye-opening stories about some of his assistant coaches in Philadelphia and Carolina.

I’ll give you a few thoughts on the offense for the upcoming season, though it’s safe to assume that nobody in the media knows what’s going to happen with the offense. I’m not doing power rankings, or projections, or picks. I’ll watch film and try to be objective. That’s what you’ll get, with very few frills.

We hope you enjoy our first edition of One Panther Podcast!

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