Film Room: Saints/Panthers MNF Battle, 2018

By John Ellis

I realize we’re going back in time a little bit here, but this was less than a year ago. There’s been some personnel turnover on both rosters, but this gives you a general idea of what the Saints still want to do conceptually on offense. This was a tremendous effort defensively by Carolina. Especially in defending the passing game.

High motor, high energy game by the defense. It stands out on film.

New Orleans can be matched in a low scoring, physical game. Two weeks ago proved that against Atlanta (that’s our next Film Room session tomorrow). This game proved that as well. Carolina and New Orleans have scored nearly the same amount of points/game in 2019.

I know it wasn’t perfect, but I did like a lot of what I saw last December in this game. And a few things I didn’t. Hopefully it’s instructive.