One Panther Rewind: One Half. 35 Points.

We realize there is much consternation right now among Panthers fans, re: the state of the offense.

We understand it. We have chronicled it. And we get it.

The preseason is a cautionary tale. Some teams go 4-0, and things seem perfect. Suddenly, reality comes home to roost, as they can’t seem scratch out four wins in the next three months.

That does happen.

It’s also true that teams tend to hide their best stuff until week one. I’m getting a sense that Norv Turner, second-year offensive coordinator for the Panthers, is doing just that.

I’m just not seeing anything remotely creative or misdirection-oriented on tape from the last three weeks.

I saw plenty of it in person at camp. It’s there.

Here’s a look back at last year’s record setting performance in week nine against Tampa Bay. The team put up 35 points in one half, and did so with a premium blend of creativity and brute force.

This is the Carolina Panthers offense I expect to see as the team hits peak form in the regular season.




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